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February 6

Today’s Reading: Numbers 3:14-51, Numbers 4

Today’s Highlights: Yesterday the tribes not counting the Levites were numbered. Today the Levites are given their special roles.

The Kohathites (descendants of one of the sons of Levi) were charged with carrying the most holy things. The Ark of the Testimony, for example,  was to be carefully covered by Aaron and his sons, then the Kohathites would transport it. They would not actually see it and they were not allowed to touch it.

Do you suppose these careful instructions about how the holy things must be handled taught them to reverence the holiness of God? We too should reverence the holiness of God, but details like these were not emphasized by Jesus.  In what way do you feel your religion is most different from theirs?


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January 29, 2013

Today’s Reading: Exodus 25-28

Highlights of Today’s Reading:  God gives instructions for  tabernacle. This includes some of the articles that go in the tabernacle as well as the external structure of the tent. Special garments for those who will serve in the tabernacle are also revealed.

Much attention is going to be given to the tabernacle in the next few daily readings.   God is very detailed in His instructions and demands it be built exactly as revealed. The most sacred part is the “Holiest Of All” where the Ark of the Covenant was placed.

What do 25:8 and 22 tell us about the purpose of this unusual tent?  See also Numbers 7:89.



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