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4/27 – Repentance Required Of All

Today’s Reading: Luke 13:1-5

Two horrible tragedies are mentioned in today’s reading. Pilate had evidently murdered some people as they were sacrificing. Also, a tower had fallen and killed eighteen people. One was the act of an evil man (Pilate) the other appears to have been an accident.

These are the same reasons tragedies happen today.  Sometimes it is the work of evil people, and sometimes it’s simply an accident. The question asked is “is it because of people’s sin that such things happen to them?

How do you understand Jesus answer to the question about the cause of tragedies? Was it because they were sinners? What does he mean unless we repent we will likewise perish?


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Sunday Recap: Guilty, Vile, and Helpless?

Sunday, in attempting to understand if we are really “Guilty, Vile, and Helpless” (like the 3rd verse of the song “Hallelujah What A Savior” says), we threw out the question, what is the worst sin?  As we studied some participated in a poll question. See the results below:


A couple of observations:

We are not a homophobic church. 0% said homosexuality was the “worst sin”.

25%  chose “Lack of love, Compassion, Forgiveness” as “the worst sin”. Interestingly, the same text (Romans 1) that clearly identifies same sex relationships as sinful concludes with the sins of being “unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful”.  I believe the one who is “unforgiving and unmerciful” is worse because they, having been forgiven by God themselves, are pushing away, turning off,  and refusing to help people that Jesus died for!  See also Luke 17:1-5.

The most popular answer in the poll (All Sin is Equal) is also a good answer. James 2:10 says, “For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all”.

That makes us all guilty and therefore helpless and therefore forever indebted to God for His grace.

If you did not get a chance to vote Sunday, or have an additional thought about this, feel free to share your thoughts with the group.

You can hear the sermon, “Guilty, Vile, and Helpless” here.

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