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11/17 – Herod’s Gruesome Death

Acts 12:20-24

Herod failed in his attempt to execute Peter and now he gets what he deserves. Note that it was his pride that ultimately led to this judgment from God.

In contrast to Herod’s gruesome death, what does verse 24 tell us about the word of God and the cause of Christ?

Again, what lesson is there for us about being faithful to God in a culture that may be anti-Christian at times?


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11/16 – Peter Released From Prison

Acts 12:6-19

God foils Herod’s plan to have Peter executed. This is a wonderful story about how God delivered Peter from prison and how he comes to the house of Mary where many of the Christians were gathered together praying.

Let’s not get caught up in the excitement and forget that James was beheaded. Also Herod executes the soldiers under whose watch Peter had “escaped”.

What does all this teach us about following Jesus in a world where people might be antagonistic towards Christianity?

What else is interesting to you about this account?

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9/6 – Jesus Reveals Peter’s Destiny

John 21:18-25

Jesus’ personal words to Peter continue with Him telling Peter about persecution and a martyrs death in his future.

Peter wants to know what will happen to John,”the disciple that Jesus loved”.  Jesus tells him “If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you?”

Do you get the feeling that Peter’s request was inappropriate in some way? If so, in what way was it inappropriate?

The statement Jesus makes about John “if I will that he remain…” was misunderstood and led to rumors about the life of the apostle John.  What does that tell us about men and their interpretation of the words of revelation?


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9/5 – Jesus Questions Peter

John 21:15-17

After eating breakfast Jesus questioned Peter’s love. Peter asserts He does love Jesus and Jesus charges Peter to be a good shepherd of His sheep.

Looking at this text a little deeper you discover there are interesting substitutions for the words “love” and “sheep” that are not apparent in the English translations. For example, Jesus’ question the first two  times, “do you love me” is the greek word agape (generally considered the strongest, purest love. It is the word for God’s love for the human race). Peter’s response is yes I love you is phileo  (more of  friendship, affectionate love).  The third time Jesus switched to word phileo, to which Peter responds again that He does love Jesus.

Peter seems to express frustration in verse 17 as though he were being needlessly examined.  Any thoughts as to why Jesus asked Peter about his love three times? Also, does it sound like Peter has a more prominent role in the future leadership of the church than they other apostles?


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8/2 – Peter Denies Jesus

Matthew 26:69-75

While Jesus was being tried by the Jews, Peter was nearby, in the courtyard, waiting to see what would happen.

Three times he was accused of being a follower of Jesus and three times he denies knowing who Jesus was. The rooster crows and Peter realizes Jesus was right when He predicted his denials. Luke 22:61 adds that at this moment Jesus turned and looked at Peter.

The text says Peter went out and wept bitterly.  Specifically, what do you think was going through his mind?   Could we be guilty of a similar denial of Jesus?

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7/9 – Jesus Foretells Peter’s Denial

Luke 22:31-34

In today’s reading from Luke we learn a little more about the words Jesus spoke to Simon Peter and how Peter boasted about his fidelity to Jesus.

Jesus tells Peter he’s praying for him – that his faith will not fail.  He tells him to not give up and that no matter what happens in the next few hours Jesus is counting on his help later on.

How does Peter feel about Jesus warning? What do you think these words meant to Peter after Jesus had been raised from the dead?


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