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6/15 – Jesus Answers Pharisees and Saducees

Matthew 22:15-33

We are still in the temple in the early part of the final week of the life of Jesus. First the Pharisees try to trap Jesus concerning paying tax. Then the the Sadducees (who do not believe in a resurrection) take their shot at him. They think they have the perfect scenario that shows the foolishness of the idea that there is a resurrection.

In both cases his opponents leave the questionings defeated and “astonished” or “marveling” at His answers. Jesus had the perfect answers.

Jesus’ teaching enlightens us concerning a couple of interesting questions. What do we learn? Should we pay tax? Will we be married in heaven?

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5/24 – Jesus And Divorce

Matthew 19:1-12

The reading says the Pharisees tested Jesus by asking Him,  “Is it lawful for a man to divorce His wife for just any reason?”

Jesus refers to the original creation to show that divorce was not a part of God’s plan. ‘What God has joined together let not man separate”.  Moses allowed it “because of the hardness of their hearts” but Jesus says except for cases of “sexual immorality” it is wrong.

Modern attitudes toward marriage are quite different from the teaching Jesus gives here.  For example, a popular alternative to the traditional vow “as long as we both shall live” is “as long as we both shall love”!   In light of how Jesus responds to the Pharisee’s questions, how do you think God feels about an attitude like this?



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