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Jesus And His Family #2

There were spiritual conflicts between Jesus and his physical family.  His response to those conflicts teaches us about our relationship our own families.

In John 7:5 we are told that His own brothers did not believe in Him and in Matthew 12 we see that they were concerned about His work and teaching.  It was this conflict coming to a head which led Jesus ask the question in Matthew 12:46-50,  “Who is My mother and who are My brothers?” How does He answer His own question?

Is Jesus answer there “too extreme”?  Does it mean He does not appreciate His physical family or honor His mother?

Thinking back to yesterday, what does its say that Jesus entrusted the care of His mother to John, and not to His physical brothers?

NOTE: If you are in the Jacksonville area join us for a review of these lessons Wednesday night at 7 pm at 1796 Old Middleburg Road North.


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Jesus And His Family

Jesus was born into a physical family with a mother, father, and eventually brothers and sisters.  There are references to His submission to His parents  (Luke 2:40, 50, 51).

Jesus love and sense of obligation to His mother is illustrated in His words to her and John as He was dying on the cross: John 19:25-27.

What do we learn about our obligations to our parents from Jesus instructions to John?



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2/25 – Unclean Spirit Returns / Jesus’ Family

Today’s text: Matthew 12:38-50

Three ideas in today’s reading:

1. The Pharisees ask for a sign. (Hadn’t he already given a few? What does this show about their honesty?)

2. A warning about how an unclean spirit that had been cast out of a man may seek to return.

3. Jesus’ own family seems to be worried that he is going too far. Mark’s account (3:21) tells us that shortly before this His own people went to lay hold of him saying “He is out of His mind”.

Question: In response to His families request to see him (presumably to talk some sense into Him), Jesus asks, who is my family?  How does He answer His own question? What does this teach us about our physical families and spiritual families?

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