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Full Of Compassion (Cont’d)

Another example of Jesus compassion:  Matthew 9:35-38.

What “touched His heart” on this occasion? How is this different from the earlier examples we saw?  How would we apply this one to ourselves?



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Full Of Compassion

Many times in the Bible we are told Jesus had compassion on the sick and hungry.

What is compassion?

What do you see about the compassion of Jesus in Luke 7:11-17?  How can we be like Him?

Bonus: Jesus felt compassion toward the sick and healed them. If we are going to be like Him then we should we should feel compassion and though we cannot perform miracles like Jesus there are great resources available to us if we are willing to help.

Jesus miracles validated His claim to be God’s son.  How does our being compassionate validate our claim to being God’s children?



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When Would Jesus Say “No”?

Yesterday we saw how Jesus’ compassion compelled Him to help a leper who asked for cleansing. There are numerous examples of this in the gospels. We are to follow Jesus’ example!

Jesus did not however, grant the requests of everyone who ever asked Him for help! Consider the following examples: Luke 4:40-43, John 6:22-29, John 12:4-8.

Question: What circumstances factored in to Jesus’ decisions of whether or not to keep helping?

Note: If you are in the Jacksonville area join us for our review of this weeks lessons. All are invited Wednesday night at 7pm at 1796 Old Middleburg Road North.




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If You Are Willing…

Mark 1:40-45

In our class we are looking at the example of Jesus and then asking, “how should we be like Him?”  In today’s text a leper comes to him saying “if you are willing you can make me clean”.  What did Jesus say?  What would we say?

Before dismissing applying this to ourselves “because only Jesus could perform miracles”, consider that there are non-miraculous ways we can help those who are sick and otherwise in need. We could even feed 5000 if we were so inclined (though not with five loaves and two fishes!).

What does the text say about Jesus’ heart that explains why He was willing to heal the leper?  What does this mean?




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