Jesus In The Temple

This week we will consider how Jesus reacted to certain things He saw during His visits to the temple.

The first is the familiar “money changers” story.  This actually happened twice, once at the beginning of His ministry (John 2:13-22), and once in the final week of His life (Mark 11:15-18).

What word would you use to describe Jesus’ response to the things He saw in the temple?

How do the Old Testament quotations help us understand His concern?

How should we be like Him?

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  1. Mary K

    I would use the word outraged to describe Jesus’ response. The Old Testament references address Jesus’ zeal for the house of God which was to be one of prayer for all nations. Today we are the temple. To be like Jesus we should have a deep reverence for how we treat this temple in which the Spirit resides.

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