Jesus And His Enemies

This week we want to consider Jesus’ attitude toward those who wanted to do Him harm. We know He taught in the sermon on the mount that we are to “love our enemies, do good to those that hate us, bless those who curse us” (Luke 6:27-28).   Is there any example in the life of Jesus where He practiced what He preached?

John’s gospel records two incidents in which the Jews tried to stone Jesus.   This is certainly not an exact parallel to people who might mistreat us today but perhaps it is a starting place for our discussion (more to come tomorrow).

John 8:56-59, John 10:31-36, John 11:7-10.

Again, twice the Jews took up stones intending to kill Jesus. How did he respond?

What else do you see in these accounts?


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  1. Mary K

    I’m thinking the best example of “love our enemies” in Jesus’ life was when He was on the cross and asked that His murderers be forgiven.

    In the stoning attempt accounts He left the area.

    As to other things that might be learned from this is that when truth, even when proven, differs from what one feels it can result in hostility.

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