Jesus And The Powers That Be

Matthew 22:15-22

As we saw yesterday, Jesus was a Jew but during His day the Jews were ruled by the Romans.  There were different attitudes among the Jews toward the Roman rule. Sadducees received their power from the Romans and so they  tried to conform. Pharisees thought they alone were holy and were blind to the reality that Rome ruled (John 8:33). Zealots were a more radical party and sought to rebel.

In an attempt to get Jesus into trouble He was asked whether or not it was lawful to pay taxes to Rome.

How does Jesus answer and, more importantly, what is the logic behind His answer?

How would we follow His example?


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  1. Mary K

    There are things that belong to God and then there are things that belong to government. Perhaps the best way to follow in Jesus’ footsteps is to remember to separate the two, meaning I am expected to live as a child of God and I am expected to be a trustworthy citizen under whatever government I may happen to live.

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