Jesus And Jerusalem

Luke 19:41-44, Matthew 23:37-38

Jesus was  a Jew and the Jews did not have much political power in His day. The Herod’s had political power within their own country but everyone was ruled by the Romans.

In our reading we see Jesus coming to the capital of Israel, Jerusalem, and we see His concern for the country’s future. How are His feelings expressed? Why was He so concerned about the city and nation?


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  1. Mary K

    He wept for the lost children of Israel, the people God had chosen to love. Despite the promises beginning with Abraham, they had chosen to not only ignore God, but destroy those sent by God to save them. There was nothing more to be done than had already happened and Jesus deeply mourned this loss.

  2. Blanche A. McKay

    Could it be that Jesus loved the city of Jerusalem, also? He was a Jew and possibly had come to the city numerous times with his family or otherwise. The temple was there which was important to all the Jews. Jesus must have been very sorrowful over the city and temple knowing they would be destroyed in coming years. Most of all, I think Jesus sorrowed over his rejection by the people who should have known better, the Scribes and Pharisees. His speech to them containing all the “Woes” was in a way his rejection of them.

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