Jesus And The Storms Of Life (#2)

Mark 5:21-43

In today’s story Jesus encounters a man who is going through one of the most difficult trials of life: the sickness and death of a child.

As you read the story note the contrast between the man and his friends and their attitude about what has happened and the attitude of Jesus.  They are naturally distraught.  What does Jesus say in the narrative?

Jesus raises the girl from the dead and that does not happen today. But is there any sense in which what Jesus says IS true when we lose loved ones today?

How can we be more like Jesus?


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2 Responses to Jesus And The Storms Of Life (#2)

  1. Mary K

    While others were wailing over the death of the girl, Jesus said that the little girl was not dead but asleep. With the promise that we will be raised to eternal life, it could be said that when we or a loved one dies, that we are merely “asleep.”

  2. Jimmy

    This is a tough one. I could not imagine and would not ever go into a house of mourning and say “why make this commotion and weep, they are not dead but sleeping”. I suppose the only reason Jesus did is because he knew he would raise the child from the dead.

    Having said that, what Jesus said is true. The dead in Christ are only sleeping, awaiting the resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:18) and because of that we should not sorrow like those who have no hope (I Thess 4:13)!

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