Jesus And His Family

Jesus was born into a physical family with a mother, father, and eventually brothers and sisters.  There are references to His submission to His parents  (Luke 2:40, 50, 51).

Jesus love and sense of obligation to His mother is illustrated in His words to her and John as He was dying on the cross: John 19:25-27.

What do we learn about our obligations to our parents from Jesus instructions to John?



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  1. Mary K

    We learn that we have an obligation to love and care for our parents. In this example, facing death, He understood His mother was losing her son and in a publicly humiliating way. Devastating. Designating His good friend and disciple to take His place as the family’s oldest son demonstrates His concern for His mother, His family and for John.

  2. Blanche A. McKay

    We know that Jesus was raised in a good home by the actions of Mary and Joseph when they searched in Jerusalem for him as a boy of twelve years old when he stayed behind without their knowledge. They were anxious when they did not find him on their way back to Nazareth. They returned to Jerusalem and searched three days for Jesus. He returned with his parents and was in subjection to them. Mary was said to have treasured all these things in her heart Joseph was apparently dead by the time Jesus was crucified and Jesus felt great love and compassion for his mother. If he could not leave her with a brother or sister, his beloved John was his choice to care for his mother. I think we learn the lesson of caring for our parents in older ages the best we can. If this is not possible we can search for other good areas of support. It is not always an easy decision, but the comfort and welfare of our parents should be considered.

  3. Jimmy

    Mary K’s point about how this humiliating death must have devastated Mary and how Jesus was looking out for her comfort is interesting to me. Think about this. Jesus was going to see them again in a few days. Why the need to prepare for her “long term” care at this moment? It makes sense that Jesus would have wanted to comfort her at that moment.

    On the other hand, it does seem John was thinking “long term” because it says from that hour he took her to his own home.

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