Full Of Compassion (Cont’d)

Another example of Jesus compassion:  Matthew 9:35-38.

What “touched His heart” on this occasion? How is this different from the earlier examples we saw?  How would we apply this one to ourselves?



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  1. Mary K

    Well for one thing Jesus had compassion on an entire crowd, rather than an individual. It appears to me the thing that evoked this compassion was the oppression these people were suffering and their lack of direction. His comment that the harvest is plentiful applies today. There are many lost and oppressed today, but there are also many workers that can help bring them in. Be a worker.

  2. Connie

    Ditto Mary K. The people were helpless like sheep without a shepherd. There were many people that needed guidance but only a few workers. We should pray for more workers & spread the good news ourselves.

  3. Mary K

    I had another thought. Perhaps we should also remember that on low days when we feel lost and wandering Jesus looks down on us with His incredible compassion and will send help.

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