Full Of Compassion

Many times in the Bible we are told Jesus had compassion on the sick and hungry.

What is compassion?

What do you see about the compassion of Jesus in Luke 7:11-17?  How can we be like Him?

Bonus: Jesus felt compassion toward the sick and healed them. If we are going to be like Him then we should we should feel compassion and though we cannot perform miracles like Jesus there are great resources available to us if we are willing to help.

Jesus miracles validated His claim to be God’s son.  How does our being compassionate validate our claim to being God’s children?



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  1. Mary K

    Compassion is defined as a sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress with a desire to alleviate it. This account is an illustration of that definition. It’s interesting to me that unlike some of the other miracles of healing described in the gospel accounts, no one asked Jesus to fix this. Compassion drove Jesus to alleviate the widow’s pain and sorrow. We cannot claim to be children of God if we aren’t compassionate. If we do everyone around us will easily see through our facade, God will not be glorified, and an opportunity to draw others to Christ will be lost.

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