When Would Jesus Say “No”?

Yesterday we saw how Jesus’ compassion compelled Him to help a leper who asked for cleansing. There are numerous examples of this in the gospels. We are to follow Jesus’ example!

Jesus did not however, grant the requests of everyone who ever asked Him for help! Consider the following examples: Luke 4:40-43, John 6:22-29, John 12:4-8.

Question: What circumstances factored in to Jesus’ decisions of whether or not to keep helping?

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2 Responses to When Would Jesus Say “No”?

  1. Mary K

    The purpose of these healing miracles was to prove Jesus’ is the promised Messiah. Where His audience was interested only in food, physical comfort, or entertainment these proofs are wasted. In each of these examples He is teaching the essential of a spiritual walk. In the examples of healing that come to mind, the healed rejoiced and believed and were anxious to share the news. Jesus did not permit His miraculous abilities to be abused and interfere with His mission on earth. This is a lesson to recognize what is spiritually uplifting and to manage benevolence responsibly.

  2. Connie

    Jesus sought solitude to be alone with His father after healing the many demons; and he again went quietly into a mountain after feeding the 5,000 while multitudes kept seeking Him to be healed. A lesson for us to seek quiet time alone with God. Making time each day from our busy schedules and distractions to commune with our maker.

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