New Study Begins March 1


Starting March 1 this space will be devoted to a special study: The Top 10 Most Powerful Biblical Prophecies.

Isaiah challenged the idolaters to prove their Gods were true God by foretelling future events:  “Show the things that are to come hereafter, That we may know that you are gods” (Isaiah 41:21-23). Genuine fulfilled prophecy is in fact a miracle and if it can be proven to be true it  is one the most powerful evidences that the Bible is from God.

Beginning March 1st we will count down the top 10 most powerful Bible prophecies.

Goals: To strengthen our confidence that the Bible is the word of God and to offer proof that Jesus is the Christ!

As always we hope for discussion.  Prophecy can be a tricky subject and I an sure there will be some differing viewpoints.  Let’s study these important passages together!  We hope you will join us and add to the discussion and share this with anyone you think will be interested!

Art work by William Sipling.

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