The Church At Antioch

In our final lesson on “Christianity…In The Beginning” we talked about the church at Antioch. The chart below highlights some of the good things they were accomplishing.


We also suggest that this was a good stopping place for our study. Christianity had finally become what God intended it to be. Accepting the Gentiles was a big hurdle for the early church and the church at Antioch seems to be the first group to embrace the Gentiles. But they also showed their love by the act of Benevolence toward the predominantly Jewish Christians in Jerusalem, and their love for all the world by sending out Paul and Barnabas to preach.

Who it was who labeled them “Christians” is not stated in the text but I believe it could be said that at Antioch the church was really becoming for the first time all that God wanted the church to be.

A big question for us is, does our church deserve to be called Christians?


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  1. Mary K

    Thanks for all the good work in putting this study together. It was very helpful.

  2. Kat

    I love Bible studies but feel especially blessed to
    have found this study. Thank you for your ministry.

  3. Susan Santos

    The Antioch church also had many capable men (and women?) who were teaching. This encourages me to become more knowledgable in the scriptures to be able to continue bringing people “to The Lord.”

    Thanks for your efforts, Jimmy, in leading this study on the beginnings of Christianity and the church.

  4. Connie

    Also appreciated & enjoyed this study on the beginnings of the church. Reminders of how to worship in a manner that’s pleasing to God.

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