11/18 – “Into All The World”

Acts 12:25-13:3

Barnabas and Saul return to Antioch from Jerusalem.

Earlier we read how they had labored there for a whole year and had great success. Now, at the direction of the Holy Spirit, the church sends them out on what is called “Paul’s first missionary journey”.

We have noticed many great examples about the church at Antioch. What great example do we see in this final reading?

How might it be said that, at Antioch, we see “Christianity” in its maturity — what God really wants His people and churches to be?

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  1. Connie

    In spite of the turmoil between countries, the church was united, worshipped, fasted, prayed; thus grew, multiplied and became doers of the word. They grew strong and saw the need to send out Barnabus & Saul to spread the word to others. A lesson for us to emulate.

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