11/17 – Herod’s Gruesome Death

Acts 12:20-24

Herod failed in his attempt to execute Peter and now he gets what he deserves. Note that it was his pride that ultimately led to this judgment from God.

In contrast to Herod’s gruesome death, what does verse 24 tell us about the word of God and the cause of Christ?

Again, what lesson is there for us about being faithful to God in a culture that may be anti-Christian at times?


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4 Responses to 11/17 – Herod’s Gruesome Death

  1. Sandy Steinman

    There is an absolutely clear contrast between Herod and the church. Herod was positive that he had the upper hand against God’s people but God showed who was really in charge. Herod was judged and died a horrible death while the Church was blessed. The moral of the story for us is that God will always prevail and our only job is to stay on the right path.

  2. Susan Santos

    I’m impressed that despite the persecution and Peter’s imprisonment, the Christians were still gathered together. That is a lesson to us to stand strong and encourage each other.

  3. Susan Santos

    No matter the circumstances.

  4. Jimmy

    Thanks Susan and Sandy! To me, there is also something here about the victory of the church over the Jewish establishment. Herod’s family had long tried to stop Jesus and His disciples. He did kill James, but ultimately he was judged by God and the church kept on growing!

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