11/12 – The Church At Antioch

Note: One more week to go in our study of “Christianity… In The Beginning”!  We will not finish the entire book of Acts, but this week we will look at a church that, in many respects, exemplifies what God wants Christians and churches to be.  In fact  they were the first ones to be called “Christians”.  It seems like a good stopping place.

Today’s Reading: Acts 11:19-21

This refers back to the scattering of Christians recorded in Acts 8:1. The reading mentions two groups of disciples who went out preaching the word. One group is mentioned in verse 19, and then in verse 20 we read about a second group of men who were from Cyprus and Cyrene.

Where did the second group go?

How was the second group different from the first group?

Did this second group have God’s approval?

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