11/11 – The Jews Accept God’s Will

Acts 11:15-18

Accepting the Gentiles is a big hurdle for the church, but its something they must do in order to be what God intends for Christianity to be.

Peter was criticized going to the Gentiles and in today’s reading he is defending his actions.¬† He refers to the “critical moment” when the Holy Spirit suddenly fell on the Gentiles. This convinced Peter to baptize them and accept them as part of the body of believers.

How do Peter’s critics respond to his explanation? What is commendable about their response?

Though they will still struggle with assimilating Gentiles into the church, this was a key moment in the beginning of Christianity.

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  1. Sandy Steinman

    Well first they were silent which was a good thing and then they glorified God which was really a very good thing and commendable. It showed that their hearts were soft enough to be able to change based upon God’s actions.

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