5/31 – Blind Bartimaeus

Mark 10:46-52

Note that Jesus is passing through Jericho and is on His way to Jerusalem. Great multitudes are following Him. We are introduced to a blind man, who when he learns Jesus is coming by, cries out  over and over “Jesus Son of David, have mercy on me”.  Jesus heals him of his blindness.

One thing important about this miracle is the understanding Bartimaeus had of who Jesus was. How does he identify Jesus and why is this  designation important?

What else do you see important in this miracle?

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  1. Andrew Benson

    I like how persistent he was. People tried to hush him but he shouted all the more. That’s how christian should work today. When the world tries to silence us our voice should become all the more louder. This man obviously heard about Jesus. He knew who He was and believed in His power. He called him Rabbi. He believed in Jesus authority. I also find it important that after he was healed he did not go his own way. He joined with the group of people following Him.

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