May 29 – Jesus Foretells His Death

Mark 10:32-34

On the road to Jerusalem Jesus tells the twelve (in what seem like unmistakable terms) about his upcoming arrest, death, and resurrection. Luke’s account adds that Jesus said “all things that are written by the prophets concerning the Son of Man will be accomplished” (18:31)

The text says Jesus was “going before them” and that they were amazed and afraid. Why were they amazed? Why were they afraid?

Concerning His death, Luke also adds that “they understood none of these things” and that it was “hidden from them” (18:34). Why did they not understand His plain language?  Was it miraculously hidden from them or do you think it was their own lack of perception?


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  1. Sandy Steinman

    The disciples were amazed that Jesus was leading them on the way to Jerusalem even though He knew the fate that awaited him there and I suspect they were afraid because they knew the same fate could await them. The fact that they were amazed and afraid tells me that this was not miraculously hidden from them or they would have been neither amazed or afraid. They are to be commended, however, because they followed Him even though they were afraid.

  2. Andrew Benson

    It is one thing to say I am prepared to face death if it should find me. It is totally another thing to know a tortuous death awaits you and yet you willingly lead the way on the path to that end. I admire and respect Jesus’ devotion to loving all mankind by ensuring His own death for all our sins. Truly, He is worthy of all the praises we can muster!

    I agree that I don’t think it was miraculously kept from them. I think they truly didn’t understand that Jesus, their king, would allow Himself to be killed. It seems to me they were holding out hope that He would perform a great miracle to prevent His death and then establish His kingdom on earth. Or perhaps knowing Jesus was innocent they just didn’t see how He could be justly sentenced to death.

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