5/27 – Warnings About Riches

Mark 10:24-31

In today’s reading Jesus speaks of how difficult it is for those who trust in riches to enter the kingdom of God. He uses the familiar “easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle” comparison which really expresses an impossibility, but then follows it up with “with God all things are possible”.

The disciples express to him that they have left everything and Jesus makes a wonderful promise to those who give up much to follow him. Note that He says there will be blessings in this life (along with persecutions) as well as eternal life to come.

Yesterday’s reading closed with how hard it is for those who HAVE riches (10:23) to enter the Kingdom of God.  In today’s reading Jesus says “how hard it is for those who TRUST IN riches to enter the kingdom of God (24).  Whats the difference? Is having riches wrong? Is it dangerous?



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  1. Sandy Steinman

    This entire scenario must have astounded Jesus’ disciples. The Jews typically believed that having riches was a sign of God’s favor. They believed that the rich were sort of super-saved. Both having riches and trusting riches present specific dangers. Trusting riches can present trouble because the person who trusts in riches will make them satisfied with this life rather than looking forward to what eternity has to offer. Both having and trusting can certainly lead to a form of idol worship in that people can and d worship money and riches.

  2. Connie

    Totally agree Sandy. When we trust in the riches of this world, we tend to feel in control of our lives. We fail to give God the praise and the glory for our blessings, and not see that God is the one in control instead of us. Devotion to material things leave very little time to devote in spiritual matters for life eternal with God.

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