5/26 – Jesus And The Rich Young Ruler

Mark 10:17-23

Mark identifies this man as simply one who came running and knelt before Jesus. At the end of the account we are told he had great possessions (v22).  Luke’s account tells us he was a ruler (Luke 18:18).  Matthew 19:20 tells us he was young, thus he is called “the Rich Young Ruler!”

He expresses a great desire to be right with God, but he was clearly unwilling to part with his possessions.

Perhaps the most interesting statement is when it says in verse 21 that Jesus, looking at him loved Him.  We know Jesus loves us all!  How do you understand that statement about Jesus and the rich young ruler?


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3 Responses to 5/26 – Jesus And The Rich Young Ruler

  1. Sandy Steinman

    I suspect that Jesus was filled with love and compassion for this man because even though he had great material wealth his life was so empty. Imagine- he would rather have kept his earthly material things (which ultimately he will lose) rather than the heavenly riches Jesus promised hm.

    • Jimmy

      I guess that is a reminder to us all about the powerful pull that money and material things can have on our hearts. Jesus warned and Matthew 13:22 about the “deceitfulness of riches”.

  2. Andrew Benson

    Perhaps Jesus loved him because he knew he kept kept the law faithfully and followed God all his life. This would certainly have pleased God under the old law which was still in place at that time. Yet Jesus came to provide a new direction for God’s followers. God challenges us as individuals to live better and focus our minds on a goal higher than anything this world can present us with. Jesus knew this man’s heart and told him exactly how to reach that goal by overcoming his weakness. We all have weaknesses and must strive to overcome them so that we may serve God as He deserves. We must work to move towards the goal of life with him.

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