5/25 – Jesus And Little Children

Mark 10:13-16

Little children are brought to Jesus but the disciples rebuke those who bringing them. Jesus is “greatly displeased”.  Jesus recognized something beautiful in little children. There is something like the kingdom and kingdom citizens in them. He was not too busy to be friendly to them.

What were the disciples thinking when they “rebuked those who brought (the little children)”?


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  1. Sandy Steinman

    They were most likely thinking that Jesus did not have time for the children but that really tells us that they did not share Jesus” divine perspective. The fact that He rebuked them may tells us that he had done some teaching to them about how children should be valued because of their innocence and their openness.

  2. Andrew Benson

    I’m not exactly sure what the disciples were concerned about. Possibly they were concerned Jesus should not be bothered by all the children. They clearly didn’t value them as Jesus did. Perhaps they thought it was a waste of His time. I don’t know. Jesus’ response is another amazing example of God’s higher reasoning. The people that hold the least amount of authority, power, or are looked to the least as an example of what a person should be; they are the ones we should pattern ourselves after. That totally backwards from what most people would expect.

    The innocence and open mindedness in a little child is such a beautiful thing. They freely believe and desire to learn. They freely give their love without thought of personal benefit. Seeing them perform acts of love and kindness is so precious. They truly are wonderful examples for us and the type of people we should be in God’s kingdom. What a wonderful place God’s kingdom must be!

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