5/22 – An Unjust Judge and A Widow

Luke 18:1-8

The lesson here is that we “always ought to pray and not lose heart” (verse 1).  The reason we keep praying is because we are confident that God hears our prayers and that they have an effect on Him.

Jesus tells a story about an unjust judge who finally grants the request of a poor widow. She begged and begged and He finally answered to get her off his back.

Likewise, if we pray God will hear us, but its not like unjust judge wanting to get poor widow to leave him alone!

How are the details in our case far different (and to our advantage) from that of the judge and widow?


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4 Responses to 5/22 – An Unjust Judge and A Widow

  1. Troy Miller

    The judge finally gave in after the widow begged and begged just so she would finally be silenced and leave him alone. God answers our prayers because he loves us and it’s says “ask and you shall receive”. When we give our lives to god and put full faith in Him he will answer our “begging/prayer”. God takes delight in us all.

  2. Sandy Steinman

    The judge had absolutely no personal interest in the widow, other than getting her to leave him alone. God loves and cares for those who petition him (although prayers are not always answered in the way we expect them to be.) So rather than coming to a judge who has absolutely no interest in us we come to a judge who loves to care for His children, who knows us and encourages us.

  3. Jimmy

    Thanks Troy and Sandy! And yeah, the contrast is the parable is about an unjust judge and widow where as in our case its the just/merciful/loving God, and his elect. If the unjust judge finally responds how much more will God!

  4. Andrew Benson

    I agree with the good comments above. It’s mind boggling to me to think of how many demands/requests are brought to God each day. Yet, He is able to hear them all. Truly amazing!

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