4/30 – My Sheep Hear My Voice

In John 10:22-30  Jesus is back in Jerusalem for the feast of dedication (Hanukkah)   The Jewish leaders ask,  “how long will you keep us in doubt? Tell us if you are the Christ”.  Jesus tells them that He has already provided ample teaching and signs.

The real problem Jesus says,  is they are not of His sheep. His sheep hear Him and follow Him and enjoy great security. In fact,  Jesus says of His sheep, “I give them eternal life and they shall never perish”.

Does this mean it is impossible for a follower of Jesus to go astray and be lost?




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4 Responses to 4/30 – My Sheep Hear My Voice

  1. Mary K

    It is possible for sheep to stray and get lost.

    • Blanche Mckay

      Sheep are curious creatures and they can be lead astray. Hence, the sheep herding dogs who keep the animals from wandering. The dogs are vital to the shepherd as our Elders are to us. The sheep of Jesus believed he was the son of God and they stayed with him and glorified him. Jesus called himself the good shepherd in John 10:16. The Elders of the church are now responsible for watching out for the sheep who would go astray.

  2. Susan Santos

    John 10:12 indicates it is possible to go astray and be lost. If a wolf enters in, he “catches the sheep and scatters them.” All of us carry the burden to watch out for wolves (false teaching, sin) including the elders (who do carry a greater responsibility). Study the word and be able to use the sword (Hebrews 4:12). But thanks to God for allowing repentance!

  3. Connie

    The hook on a shepherd’s walking stick is used to fit around the neck of the sheep when the sheep goes astray for the herder to bring back to the right direction. Thus the perfect analogy when we go astray.

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