4/29 – Jesus Criticized For Healing On The Sabbath

Today’s text:  Luke 13:10-17

While teaching in the synagogue on the Sabbath Jesus heals a woman who had had an infirmity for eighteen years. The ruler of the synagogue becomes “filled with indignation accusing Jesus of working on the Sabbath.

How might the ruler of the synagogue have justified his charge against Jesus?

What comparison does Jesus make in 15 and 16 that put his adversaries to shame?


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2 Responses to 4/29 – Jesus Criticized For Healing On The Sabbath

  1. Mary K

    Jesus adversaries gave greater consideration to donkeys than to a fellow Israelite. In this passage it seems that Jesus’ critics were also fussing at the sick for coming to Jesus on the Sabbath to be healed suggesting they do this on the other 6 days of the week.

    • Andrew Benson

      I agree. It is said they put so little value on a person. It shows just how dangerous traditions can become, though I think they missed the point of the original idea behind that tradition. They were willing to carry them on even at the price of caring more for an animal over their countrymen. We should likewise do our best to make sure our motives and decisions always match up with those we see taught in the Bible. We shouldn’t do things just because it’s always been done that way.

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