4/27 – Repentance Required Of All

Today’s Reading: Luke 13:1-5

Two horrible tragedies are mentioned in today’s reading. Pilate had evidently murdered some people as they were sacrificing. Also, a tower had fallen and killed eighteen people. One was the act of an evil man (Pilate) the other appears to have been an accident.

These are the same reasons tragedies happen today.  Sometimes it is the work of evil people, and sometimes it’s simply an accident. The question asked is “is it because of people’s sin that such things happen to them?

How do you understand Jesus answer to the question about the cause of tragedies? Was it because they were sinners? What does he mean unless we repent we will likewise perish?


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3 Responses to 4/27 – Repentance Required Of All

  1. Mary K

    Jesus is clear that these tragedies were not the result of the victims’ greater sin. Perhaps the message here is rather than worry about the depth of sin in another’s life, look closely at our own, and be concerned with what kills the soul and not the man. Sin destroys the soul. There is mercy and restoration for those who repent. Focus there.

  2. Andrew Benson

    I agree the the deaths in this life were not a direct result of their sins. They were due to circumstances beyond their control. I also agree that Jesus was trying to focus them on the death that matters, the death of the soul. We will all die eventually, but we don’t have to perish in eternity. We can live on in the next life if we repent in this life and do God’s will.

  3. Connie

    Well said Mary K. We are all so unworthy of His loving grace and mercy after our repentance. ( a main reason I’m thankful to live this side of the cross)

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