4/26 – Jesus Brings Division

Today’s Text: Luke 12:49-56

These words may be shocking at first.  The point is everyone has to choose whether or not to believe in and follow Jesus. Even within one family some will believe some will not, causing division.

If we are expecting and easy and always pleasant Christianity we have come to the wrong place.  It wasn’t easy for Jesus and likewise His followers will suffer trials and hardships.

What hardship is Jesus Himself anticipating in this reading?


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  1. Andrew Benson

    God must certainly come first over any other relationship we may have. A hard saying, but true.

    Jesus is preparing for the crucifixion. He knows what is about to happen. We know it weighed heavily on Him. We know He did not wish to be tortured to death. I sometimes think though that the thing He was really dreading was being separated, even temporarily, from God when He took on all the sin of the world. We know sin causes a void between us and God. Jesus taking all the sins of the world must have caused a massive separation for a time. For someone who’s existence is one part of a three part unified being being separated must have been a horrible experience.

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