4/25 – Always Be Ready!

Today’s Text: Luke 12:35-48

Jesus teaches about the need to always be watching and ready for the return of Jesus (v40). Its clear from this passage that we do not know when Jesus will return. The passage also reveals that those who know more about Jesus will be judged with a greater accountability (47-48).

Some will respond to the delay by being unfaithful. What two words does Jesus use to describe the one who is ready for His return (v42)? What is the significance of each word?


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  1. Andrew Benson

    It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking “well I have time. I will do better later.” That just ins’t the case always. Even if the Lord doesn’t return right then, each of us will meet our end in this life at an unknown time. It is best to be ready always so that we may face that time without fear or worry.

    Jesus describes the one who is ready as wise and faithful. Being ever faithful to His will is a must if we are wanting to be ready at any given moment. Jesus counts it as wisdom to be prepared. It would be foolish to know to do good and not do it because you think you still have time. I know I would rather be found doing His will when He returns rather than following my own desires. Sometimes I feel that is easier said than done. We all make mistakes, but we should always be trying to improve and stick to God’s will.

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