4/22 – Woes Continue

Today’s Text:  Luke 11:45-54

Yesterday we read about Jesus pronouncing “woes” on the Pharisees for their hypocrisy. In today’s reading we see the experts in the law were also offended by Jesus’ words. In His response Jesus condemns them as well.

The conflict between Jesus and the Pharisees is very intense. In fact, in this reading Jesus predicts a coming judgment on this generation.

Read how Jesus condemns the lawyers in 46 and 52. They personally rejected God but what did they do that is even worse?



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3 Responses to 4/22 – Woes Continue

  1. Sandy Steinman

    Jesus did a masterful job in telling the lawyers that in that they build the tombs of the prophets that they honored dead prophets but persecuted living ones like Himself.
    This of course was not their most terrible crime. Their most terrible crime lay in the fact that their legalistic approach took away understanding and knowledge from the people. By giving them a list of rules by which they allegedly could save themselves they were not helping the people at all and as a result they kept not only themselves but others out of the kingdom.

    • Salena

      Sandy your description of the true crime is going on today. We have some people that are following a set of rules that will not lead to salvation or heaven. That’s sad and a serious issue that Jesus knew needed to be dealt with ASAP

  2. Jimmy

    This neglect of and misleading of the people they were supposed to lead reminds me of last weeks readings about the hireling who flees when the wolf comes vs Jesus the good shepherd who lays down His life for the sheep.

    They didnt really care about people and were not willing to help them be saved.

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