4/21 – Woe To The Pharisees

Today’s Text: Luke 11:37-44

Jesus accepts a Pharisee’s dinner invitation and then is criticized for not washing properly before dinner. Over the next two days we will read His response in which He pronounces “woes” on the Pharisees for their hypocritical ways. They were all about outward cleansing, meticulous tithing, and getting recognition from men and they neglected inner purity, justice, and the love of God.

In the middle of these criticisms what does Jesus tell them to do? (41)  Why do you think He gave this commandment in this context?


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2 Responses to 4/21 – Woe To The Pharisees

  1. Sandy Steinman

    Jesus was reminding them about their total focus on cleaning their hands to the exclusion of the really important things and He told them to give to the poor and that then all things would be clean to them.He gave them the command in that context because of just how focused they were on their rituals and were leaving the really important things undone. There is a story about a rabbi who was imprisoned by the Romans used his ration of water for ceremonial cleansing rather than drinking and nearly died of thirst.

    • Salena

      Our earthly rituals and thinking continues to grow if we don’t keep a handle on it. The man Sandy talked about reminded me about how we sometimes will neglect a responsibility to do complete a ceremonial task.

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