3/31 – Leaving All To Follow Jesus

Today’s Text: Luke 9:57-62

Today’s reading contains 3 short incidents in which Jesus cautions men about what it really means to follow him. The first has to do with loss of personal convenience, the second and third have to do with family.

To the man who asked to go and bury his father Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead, you go preach the kingdom of God”.  Is it wrong to bury your father if you are following Jesus? Why did Jesus say this?


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  1. Sandy Steinman

    It is certainly not wrong to bury your Father in fact it could be described as a good thing, but sometimes you have to give up the good in favor of the great. The man was caught in a struggle between the good and the great. It was not a bad thing to hang around for his Father, it just wasn’t the great thing. The great thing would be to go preach Jesus now. The problem was not that the father was dead and waiting to be buried, the problem was that the man was waiting for the father to die and then he would follow Jesus. Jesus said the time to follow Him is something you do Now.

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