3/28 – Sectarian Attitudes Forbidden

Today’s Reading: Luke 9:49-50

The word sectarian as used in the heading means an exclusive narrow minded loyalty to one’s own group (sect) and rejection of all others.

What do you think was John’s motive in telling Jesus what He did?

What in particular did John object to about the group he rejected?

Is there any evidence that though these men did not physically walk with Jesus they were in fact His followers?



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2 Responses to 3/28 – Sectarian Attitudes Forbidden

  1. Sandy Steinman

    I suspect that it was frustrating for the disciples to find that other followers of Jesus could cast out demons when the disciples themselves could not. There was most likely a little ego going on there.
    As to Jesus’ response He may well have wanted them to have a more generous outlook and explained that people who may not have exactly the same experience can still be helpful in adding the kingdom. Whether they are exactly right in their beliefs and teaching, let God deal with that.

  2. Susan Santos

    I find it fascinating that someone other than the disciples could cast out demons at this time. I just assumed that only Jesus and the 12 had this power. But someone else was able to do this. Jesus cuts our feelings that we alone have the truth to the root. We should rejoice any time Christ is preached and encourage that. If there are subjects of concern, deal with them patiently and with the Word, but be glad that the good news of Jesus is being preached. A fine line to follow, as we are so concerned with rightness.

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