3/27 – The Unforgiving Servant

Today’s Text: Matthew 18:21-35

Peter asks Jesus how often he should forgive his brother and offers, “up to seven times?” The parable of the unmerciful servant was given to help Peter (and us) understand how wrong it is when we are forgiven by God and then are unwilling to forgive others.

As you read the parable you see that the Master (who represents God) was disgusted with the his servant (who he had had mercy on) because of his lack of compassion and refusal to forgive.  Note also that even his fellow servants were “very grieved” by his behavior.  Everyone who witnessed what he did strongly disapproved!

What was so wrong about the unmerciful servants actions?

Give two reasons why this parable teaches us we should forgive others.

Note: the difference between a denarius (a days wages, of which he was owed 100) and talent (something like a years wages, of which he owed 10,000!)  is  ASTRONOMICAL!  Don’t miss that as you consider the story!

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  1. Mary K

    1. We should forgive others because God has forgive us. 2. If we love others we will forgive others. We can’t love God unless we love others.

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