3/26 – Attitudes About Forgiveness

Today’s Reading: Matthew 18:12-26

This is Matthew’s “follow up” to the teaching about  becoming like little children. Remember the apostles had asked the question, “who is the greatest?”  (Mark 9:34, 35).

There are three parts to this reading: (1)  The parable of the shepherd leaving the ninety-nine in search of one that was lost, (2) Instructions concerning a brothers who sins against us, and (3) A statement regarding the authority of the apostles.

Question: How does Jesus parable about the shepherd leaving the ninety-nine fit in with the discussion about becoming like, not despising, and not offending the “little ones”?

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  1. Mary K

    In the much larger sense, Christians are all little children of God. Unless we are willing to become as His little children the kingdom is not available to us. In the parable of the sheep we learn how very important each of these children is to God. In yesterday’s reading we learn that we are responsible to love, welcome and protect God’s little children.

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