3/25 – Who Is The Greatest? (Mark’s Account)

Today’s text: Mark 9:33-50 (skip over 38-41 till next week).

Mark’s account reveals that the disciples had been arguing on the road about “who was the greatest?”.

In Mark, Jesus answer also contains the teaching about becoming like little children, but Mark also includes the very straightforward statement,   “If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all” (9:35).

Like Matthew, Mark records how Jesus stresses, not just become like children, but be willing to receive children and do not cause these little ones to stumble.

The well known, severe warning in 43-48, “if your hand or foot causes you to sin….if your eye causes you to sin…”, is usually thought of as a general warning about our own personal battles with sin.  But here we see it is found in the middle of this discussion about not offending or despising children   What might be the connection?


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