3/24 – Who Is The Greatest?

Today’s Text: Matthew 18:1-10

Sometimes you wonder what the disciples were thinking!  In today’s reading we see they come to Jesus asking “who then the greatest in the kingdom of heaven”. This was not uncommon for them (we will see more examples in the days ahead) and most of us struggle with the same ambitions.

Jesus responds by telling them they will not enter the kingdom of heaven unless they become like little children.

What does Jesus warn or teach about little children in addition to the idea that we should become as little children?

What effect do you think this “little children” teaching had on the disciples who were arguing about who was the greatest?

More on this tomorrow.


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  1. Sandy Steinman

    We really saw a picture of the humility of Jesus when He was asked “Who is the Greatest” and He did not reply “I am,, dummy.” On a more serious issue it is so interesting that Jesus used little children as the model for the disciples given that children were considered chattel in those days and lived or died at the whims of their father. He made it clear that the children had a very special place in God’s eyes and that no one should even think about leading them astray.

    Given His followers desire to be first or to sit at His right hand, it does not appear that they really “got’ the message at this point.

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