Wednesday Recap: Esther And The Pageant To Find A New Queen

Last night we looked at Esther 2. The Persian king Ahasuerus begins his search for a new queen. Young virgins from throughout the empire come to be pampered for a year before spending a night with the King.  Esther is also a part of this, and will of course be the eventual “winner”.

We spent considerable time last night on the question: What was the attitude of Esther (and Mordecai her uncle) regarding her participation in this pageant to become queen to the King of Persia? Was she excited at the prospect of possibly being chosen?  Was her participation against her will?  Is it like the story or Cinderella or the TV series “The Bachelor” where the participants are hoping to be chosen, or is she a scared Jewish slave girl who resents having to be a part of this?  Perhaps something in between or a combination of those two views?

It seems like an important question because it reflects on the spiritual mindedness of Esther and Mordecai.   A side question would be, was it wrong for her to marry the King of Persia?  (A Jew marrying a foreigner).

What do you think were Esther and Mordecai’s attitudes and ambitions toward her participation in this pageant?


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