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Sunday Recap: What did Job learn about suffering?

After a long-drawn-out and somewhat futile debate between Job and his friends concerning the cause and meaning of Job’s horrible suffering, God finally spoke to Job.

One of the most remarkable things in the book of Job is that when God does finally speak He says nothing about Job’s suffering or about human suffering in general. He doesn’t even touch the subject.    Instead, in chapters 38-41, God reminds Job of His creative power as seen in the natural world including outer space, the animals, the earth’s environment, etc.

Having “seen” God for himself Job confessed,  “I know that You can do everything, And that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You” (42:2).

The book of Job teaches us that God does not always reward good or punish evil in this life.   Really bad things can happen to really good people. God will however certainly make all things right in the next life.

How can the lesson Job learned  about God (42:2) comfort and strengthen us when trouble comes our way?





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Sunday Recap: Mothers Day

Mark Morgan made a great point in the opening of our services Sunday. He observed that properly honoring our moms (and dads) is so important that God included it in the 10 commandments!  Exodus 20:12 says “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you.

We also shared the quote from Peggy Campolo, who was once asked that irritating question that women who focus primarily on their families are somtimes asked,  “So what is it that you do?”.   She replied, “”I am nurturing two Homo Sapiens into the dominant values of the Judeo-Christian tradition in order that they might become instruments of social transformation preparing them for the eschatological utopia which God has envisioned from the beginning of time”.  What a great answer. It is true and it illustrates what a complex, difficult, and eternity impacting responsibility mothers have.


Mothers Day is not a Bible commandment but honoring mothers certainly is!  What are your thoughts on how we should honor our parents and why it is so important that we do?

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