Sunday Recap: Who Ever Perished Being Innocent?

“”Who ever perished being innocent? Or where were the upright ever cut off?”  (Job 4:7).  This is the question Job’s friend Eliphaz asked Job as he tried to explain to Job the reason for his sufferings.

Eliphaz is defending the idea that when bad things happen to men it is because they are guilty of some sin. This is really a fairly common idea even today. When bad things happen we tend to think what did I do wrong? why has God allowed this to happen?

Like a lot of what Job’s friends say, there is a little truth behind what he says here. Sometimes it is true that we experience painful consequences because of sinful choices we have made. Also, in the final judgement those who have not been saved through Jesus will be lost due to their sin. But as a comprehensive answer to the problem of human suffering the basic premise of Eliphaz is false.

Whoever perished being innocent? Name some who perished being innocent and show that Eliphaz’s argument is false.



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6 Responses to Sunday Recap: Who Ever Perished Being Innocent?

  1. Mary K

    Some examples from the Bible: Jesus, Joseph, Stephen, Abel.
    Some examples from life: Maddie Clifton, Somer Thompson, Cherish Periwinkle.

  2. Mary K

    Actually, Joseph didn’t “perish” but he suffered. And although Elijah never died he suffered because he did the right thing.

  3. Mary K

    So I was thinking, Jimmy, if Job was the first book written, perhaps poor Eliphaz didn’t have these good examples to fall back on. Thankfully, we do.

    • Jimmy

      You are right. He certainly didn’t know about Joseph, Jeremiah, or Jesus. I think I wasn’t clear. What I had in mind is just generally we see that good people suffer sometimes and evil people prosper. As the book goes on the friends seem to defend that premise as a law, Job says, no sometimes the opposite is true.


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