Sunday Recap: Fun With Talents

Sunday we thought about two parables in which Jesus talked about talents. A talent was a the most valuable coin in Jesus day, some say worth about a years wages. Others say the value of a talent was  from around 1000 to over 300,000 US dollars.

THE PARABLE OF THE TWO DEBTORS (Matthew 18).  The debt man owes to God is like a man who owed his master 10,000 talents. Its was an unrepayable debt. In fact the story says “he was not able to repay” and certainly 10,000 years wages would be unrepayable.

THE PARABLE OF THE TALENTS. The 5 talent man invested in his master’s business.  He was given 5 more plus the 1 talent the 1 talent man wasted.  That gives him a total of 11. All of his talents (including his original 5) were given to him by his master.

Both parables begin, “the kingdom of heaven is like….”.  They both teach about the kingdom and about talents.  It may be a stretch (feel free to say, “sorry Jimmy, thats a stretch!”), but what does it say to us that even the most “talented” man in Jesus’ stories is still 9,989 talents short on his debt to God?

Granted we might not ought to connect the two parables in that way, but what does Luke 17:10 tell us our attitude ought to be even when we have done all things we have been commanded?  Finally, how do these truths impact your thinking about your relationship with God?

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  1. Mary K

    My attitude in my relationship to God should be that as a servant.

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