December 28

Text: Revelation 4 – 8:6

Highlights: John sees a door open in heaven and what he sees is truly awe inspiring. Chapters 4 and 5 focus on God on His Throne and Jesus, the Lamb and all the creatures of heaven worshiping them.

There was a scroll with 7 seals next the throne and the story unfolds with the opening of the 7 seals. The opening of the seals (chapter 6) clearly pictures a time of tribulation. Death and bloodshed and famine are coming. The 5th seal reveals the souls of martyrs – those who had been slain – “How long O God…” –  crying out to God for vengeance – which God says is coming.  A horrible earthquake and other apocalyptic phenomenon come with the 6th seal. In chapter 7 we see that 144,ooo of God’s people are sealed – protected from coming tribulation, and after that we read of an innumerable number  from every nation who came out of the great tribulation around the throne worshiping God. In chapter 8 there is a period of silence after which prayers are offered and then fire is poured out on the earth.  This leads to the opening of the 7th seal which contains 7 trumpets.

What does the worship in heaven, described especially in chapter 4 and 5 teach you about the praise God truly deserves? How can we praise Him like that today? What else impresses you about today’s reading?



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  1. Sandy Steinman

    The worship described in chapters 4 and 5 reflects the continual, without pause, praise that God deserves, Think of the cherubim and the 24 elders falling down and worshiping Him without ceasing, day and night. Casting their crowns before the throne shows their view that If God is worthy of the glory, honor, and power than He should get the crown. We have a great of how we should worship God when we read “You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory honor and power; for You created all things, and by Your will they existed and were created.” This reminds us that we each exist to give glory and pleasure to God and until we do that, we simply do not fulfill our created purpose. My sense is that this also reminds us that if we remain faithful and worship God in the way he has asked of us, there is a crown waiting for us and we should be eagerly looking forward to that day. While Charles Spurgeon has his share of errors I love the quote from him that says of the day that we will see Jesus and hear the continual songs of praise; “But it also means that we should be planning ahead for that great day, If you and I should walk into some great cathedral where they were singing, and ask to be allowed to sing in the choir, they would ask whether we had had ever learned the tune and they would not let us join unless we had. Nor can we expect that untrained voices should be admitted into the choirs above. Noe, dear brothers and sisters, have you learned to cast your crowns at the Savior’s feet already?” We should probably ask ourselves that very question.

  2. Andrew

    I agree with Sandy’s excellent comment. We should give God praise continually. In our lives today it is easy to become distracted. We should practice with offering God prayers regularly throughout the day, even if they are only a couple of seconds long. I think praying often goes a long way in showing how we truly trust and depend on our God in heaven. It’s our acknowledgment that He is in control. As we saw in today’s reading, He is worthy of that and so much more.

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