October 22

Today’s Reading:  Luke 3:1-23, Matthew 3:13-17, Matthew 4:1-11, John 1:19-34

Highlights: Today’s reading tells us about the ministry of John the baptist. (No events are recorded between Jesus in the temple at age 12 and today’s reading).  John begins his work of “preparing the way of the Lord” by preaching a message of repentance and baptizing those who come to him.

Jesus comes and is baptized by John. At His baptism God gives testimony concerning Jesus “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”.  Jesus is then tempted in the wilderness and resists each temptation.

John is questioned by priests and Levites sent from Jerusalem. He points all men to Jesus identifying Him as the Lamb of God and Son of God.

What does John’s message of repentance (Luke 3:7-14) teach us about the kind of people God wants us to be?


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3 Responses to October 22

  1. Andrew

    Putting others’ needs before our own is a large part of what it means to be a follower of Christ. Love is one of the most important things we can give to each other. Taking care of other’s needs is one way we show love. Refusing to help when we have the opportunity is certainly not love. John told each of the groups that asked him what they had to do take care of those around them and not abuse their positions.

  2. Andrew

    I had a question. What were the rules for fasting under the Law of Moses? Did Jesus literally not eat or drink for forty days and nights? Or was water allowed? Or perhaps during certain hours food was allowed? I can’t imagine not having any nourishment for forty days and nights. Can anyone shed some light on that?

  3. Mary K

    I agree with Andrew. I also found it interesting that Jesus taught to live righteously in one’s occupation, regardless of how others might abuse authority one’s job might give them. As to Andrew’s question about fasting, I’m looking to someone else to answer that. Total absence of food and water for 40 days does seem longer than humans can survive.

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