August 30

Today’s Text: Lamentations 3, 4, 5

Highlights: Jeremiah (presumed to be the author) continues to expressing his grief over the fallen city.  4:6 says that what happened to Jerusalem was worse than what happened to Sodom.  4:9 says those “killed by the sword are better off than those who die of famine; racked with hunger, they waste away for lack of food from the field”. The 3 chapters go back and forth between the topics of horror at the destruction, acknowledgement of sin and God’s righteousness, and begging God for restoration.

It is amazing that this passage that describes the darkest moment in the history of Judah also contains one of the most beautiful and promising statements about God’s mercy (3:22). Look closely at that verse and the verses surrounding it (21-41). What impresses you about God’s mercy and his goodness even when He disciplines his people?



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3 Responses to August 30

  1. God does not willingly chastise but when He does He shows His mercy and compassion. What struck me is God renews His ‘compassions’ every morning!
    We are to ‘hope and wait quietly’ for salvation, be introspective of ourselves, and to praise God. His compassion and love for us is amazing, inspite of shortcomings.

  2. Andrew

    I don’t believe God wants to do anything but shower us with His love. There are however consequences for our wrong decisions. It is like the earthly parent/child relationship. A parent doesn’t want to have to punish their children. They want their children to be good and receive good things from them. Yet the children will disobey the parents at some point. At that point, a responsible parent will discipline their children. A parent doesn’t stop loving their children when they discipline them. In fact, they discipline them because they love them and want them to do what is right.

  3. Mary K

    “Who living should complain when punished for their sins” because Jeremiah goes on to say it is a time to reassess our life and turn back to God. Where or when would turning back begin if God didn’t care enough to show us the difference between life with God and life without?

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