August 28 – The Fall of Jerusalem

Today’s Texts:  2 Kings 25:2-4, Jeremiah 39:2-18, Jeremiah 52:9-30;  2 Chron.36:17-21, 2 Kings 25:22, Jeremiah 40:1-6

Highlights: The sad day comes. The city is out of food and the wall of Jerusalem is broken through. Zedekiah and his army flee but are captured and taken to Babylon.  Zedekiah witnesses the execution of his sons and then his own eyes are put out. Nebuchadnezzar has Jerusalem destroyed, carries more into captivity, and leaves behind a few of the poorest of the people. Gedaliah is appointed governor.  Jeremiah is rescued from prison  and treated well by Nebuchadnezzar. Jeremiah chooses to remain in Jerusalem.

Zedekiah will indeed live as Jeremiah promised him (Jeremiah 34:3) but its tough to imagine a more horrible fate than he experienced this day. He might have preferred death.  What regrets do you think he had? What do you learn from his experience?



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  1. Mary K

    Zedekiah regretted he was no longer king, that he was in prison and blind and perhaps that he had seen his children slaughtered. I didn’t read anything that suggested he connected his refusal to trust God with the suffering he experienced in captivity. Sadly evil people frequently feel no remorse outside their own sad circumstances. A lesson to be learned is that God will clearly show you the way, but you have to be willing to take it. This can be very humbling.

  2. Andrew

    I agree. It does not seem that Zedekiah was ever remorseful for not following God. He knew God was in control. He would not have asked Jeremiah to inquire of God if he did not. Yet he was unwilling to follow God’s will.

    God through Jeremiah told Zedekiah and all Israel the error of their ways. He told them what horrible things would happen to them should they not repent. They would not listen but continued doing as they pleased. We likewise are told by God through the bible what we must do for our salvation. I believe the bible is very clear on that topic. Just as Jeremiah told Zedekiah exactly what would happen should he choose not to listen to God, the bible is also very clear on what will befall each individual should we choose not to repent.

    We can either repent and seek God’s forgiveness or we can go the way of the Israelites and reap the consequences of our stubborn will. There is no way to avoid an outcome or take a middle of the road approach. Heaven or hell are the final destinations of each person’s soul. It is the choices that we make in this life that will determine which outcome is ours. Will we listen to what God is telling us?

  3. Janie

    Zedikiah was a weak man. He would not stand up to his officials, allowing them to do whatever they wanted with the nation and with Jeremiah. He had belief in God, but not to obedience. He only got what he deserved because of his choices. God warns us over and over again too. Where will our choices lead us? I think in our hearts , we know just as I believe deep down, Zedikiah also knew but was to weak to change.

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