June 30

Today’s Text: Isaiah 10, 11, 12 and 2 Chronicles 28:5-21

Highlights: In chapter 10 Isaiah focuses on Assyria, the nation God is using to judge His people. The Assyrians are letting the power given to them by God “go to their heads” and becoming proud, so in the proper time they will be judged. Chapter 11 is an exciting, beautiful picture of the coming King and kingdom. Note especially Chapter 12: a beautiful a celebration of the good things God will do through the coming King. Finally, more history is given about the reign of evil king Ahaz – how Judah is oppressed by Israel, Syria, Edom, Philistia, and Assyria all because of Ahaz’s sins.

Today’s reading begins by describing more of the sin of Israel which is bringing God’s wrath (in the form of Assyria). What 4 groups of people does God identify in 10:1,2 who were being oppressed? Why is God so concerned about these? What does this teach us about the character of God?



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  1. Norma

    The very first line of today’s reading just jumped out at me – “Woe to those who write unrighteous decrees” – how very appropriate for our day when men think they can change the laws of God by merely making a sin legal. Verse 3 should make them – and all of us – tremble: “What will you do in the day of punishment,……To whom will you flee for help?”

  2. Mary K

    The poor, oppressed, the widows and orphans are 4 groups mentioned in Isaiah 10:1-2. God’s concern for these groups is consistent throughout the Bible. It is very humbling that the creator of the universe would be sensitive to the concerns of the most helpless. It emphasizes the love He has for all mankind.

  3. Jimmy

    Its amazing how often these groups are mentioned throughout the Bible…even here in the prophets. Thanks Mary K for summing it up well.

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