June 23

Today’s Text: Isaiah 1:1-17, 5:1-7,1:21-26, 2:6-18, 3:8-4:1, 32:9-11, 5:8-23,

Highlights: Today we begin reading Isaiah. Isaiah 1:1 tells us the book is written concerning “concerning Judah and Jerusalem” and is written during the reigns of 4 kings of the southern kingdom of Judah. It will be during this time span, specifically during the days of Hezekiah, that the Northern Kingdom will be taken into Assyrian captivity. There is some good during this time period but often Southern Kingdom of Judah is just as bad, if not worse, than the Northern Kingdom of Israel. These first few readings describe their sins and warnings about coming judgment.

Judah has sinned. He says they have less loyalty than an ox or donkey does to its master. He calls them a harlot and likens them to Sodom and Gomorrah. What are some of the specific sins mentioned in this reading? What seems to be the predominant transgression?

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  1. Mary K

    Empty ritualistic religion, injustice, idolatry, pride, corrupt leadership, vacuous women, greed, arrogance, drunkeness were some of the sins itemized in this reading. As to the predominate sin, I’m choosing arrogance because this character trait could be the root of the others. There may be a better choice. What do others think?

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